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Moving In Soon

Helpful tips and links to make your move-in a breeze; Rental Application Forms, Renters Insurance and Utility Information. Welcome Home!

Click on the link to access our application page which includes: the Rental Application, Rental Criteria and Application Guidelines.

Local Utility Company

Puget Sound Energy:

Internet and Television Companies

Ziply Fiber:
Ziply Representative: Genavee Coburn-Hayden 425-306-5363


T-Mobile Home Internet:
T-Mobile Representative: Jay & Sonia Sharma 425-224-6764

Tell us how we are doing and help us make a better community for you! We value your opinion from the beginning of your residency to the very last day of your stay with us. Which survey best fits your needs today?

Move-In Questionaire
Please complete so that we may serve you better.

Our community requires proof of Limited Liability Insurance upon move-in. You are welcome to contact your insurance provider to add this coverage to your current policy or for your convenience we have coverage available through Roost. If you are interested in this service, please ask us for more details.

Current Residents

We love our residents and strive for excellence in service. Follow the link for Service Requests, Resident Referral Information, Community Classified Ads, Newsletter, Blog and a brief Survey to help us improve your community.

We would love to have more residents like you in our community! If you know of someone looking for a new place to live, please tell them about 9200 Redmond Place. Wouldn't the people you know make great neighbors?

Helpful tips and guidelines for caring for your apartment.

Important Home Care Instructions

For the Care of Your New Home

Read all the appliance care instructions located in your kitchen cabinet drawer (Contact the Rental Office if yours is missing).

  1. Self-cleaning Oven: Remove the racks from the oven before turning it on "self-clean". Do not use oven cleaner on the self-cleaning ovens. You will need to wipe out the residue of ashes after the "self-clean" cycle is complete.
  2. The Stove:
    • Do not use aluminum foil to wrap the burner drip pans
    • Keep the filter screen clean on the exhaust pan.
  3. The Microwave: Do not use the microwave while it is empty. This will cause the probes to burn out.
  4. The Garbage Disposal: Be very careful with what you put into the garbage disposal. It is meant for soft foods only. Fibrous materials such as carrot, potato peels and celery cause the garbage disposal to clog and in some cases can break the disposal. Tip: Eggshells are great to clean the disposal.
  5. The Washer & Dryer: Be careful if you put a clothesbasket on top of the washer/dryer. Some clothesbaskets may scratch the enamel.
  6. Tip: It is best not to leave your apartment while either the dishwasher or washing machine is "on".

Other Features In Your Home

  1. The main water cut off valve is in the bathroom by the hot water heater and the toilet water cut-off valve is at the base of the toilet. Always have a toilet plunger available for emergencies.
  2. The fireplace: Before you build a fire, open the damper of the fireplace and burn a couple of sheets of newspaper to establish a proper draft. This is especially important for the residents on the first floor. Move the damper to the right to open and to the left to close.
  3. The garage door may close at anytime. If you see the door open, do not assume that you may go through in time without it closing.
  4. The blinds: Turn the vertical blinds to the open position before pulling open or closing. The head rails will break if the blinds are pulled open while they are turned in the closed position. The same concept applies to the horizontal blinds.
  5. Keep an eye on the caulking around the bathtub. It is normal for caulk to eventually wear out. Please do not attempt to re-caulk the bathtub yourself. Contact the Rental Office and we will be happy to re-caulk the bathtub for you.
  6. We advise that you vacuum your smoke detector and your heater on a regular basis. If for some reason your apartment fills with smoke or steam, please do not ventilate your apartment by opening the front door to your apartment. Doing so will likely trigger the common area alarms, causing the fire department to be dispatched.

Regarding the Neighbors

  1. Residents should have due regard for the peace, quiet and enjoyment of other residents. Minimize the foot traffic and noise originating to and from the apartment by walking on the balls of your feet rather then on your heals.
  2. Radios, television sets, stereos, musical instruments, etc. should be played at reasonable volumes and only during reasonable hours normally from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Be sure to turn down the base on your stereo. Appliances such as your dishwasher, washing machine, dryer and garbage disposal are not to be used between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m.
  3. The reserved parking spaces are reserved for residents who do not have an underground parking space. It is your responsibility to remind your guests where to park when they visit. Handicap and fire lane codes are strictly enforced and towing costs start at $120.00. Please do not risk it.
  4. Please hold on to the handles on your doors and cabinets as you shut them to prevent the sound from permeating through the walls of the other apartments.
  5. We have a wonderful recycling program. Be sure to break down all cardboard, especially large boxes. Instead of putting large pieces of cardboard into the dumpsters, it is best to place them next to the recycling bins. This is particularly important during move-in times.

Request from the Maintenance Staff

  1. Please do not attempt to patch the holes from picture hangings upon move-out.
  2. Please do not attempt to do your own maintenance repairs. The Maintenance Staff will be happy to complete any necessary repairs for you. Just contact the Rental Office and we will be glad to write a work order for you.
  3. If by chance your plumbing gets backed up, please do not use Drano or any other type of chemical to unclog the drain. Contact the Rental Office and one of the Maintenance Staff will be happy to assist you.

Remember: Renters need insurance too!

We advise that you consider having renters insurance to protect your belongings.

If anything interferes with your enjoyment of living here, please contact the Rental Office so we may correct the situation. Thank you for living with us!

Do you have a maintenance issue but you are too busy to stop by or call our leasing office? No problem! Simply fill out an online service request and we will contact you to setup a day and time to address your concern. For emergency requests that need immediate attention, please contact our leasing office directly at 425-869-9200 TTY: 711.

Considering Moving Out?

We're sorry to see you go. Please check out some valuable information to help you make the right decision and to make your move-out easier. Follow the link to for; The Real Cost of Moving Checklist, Notice to Vacate Form and a Move-out Checklist.

An easy cost of moving checklist to help you calculate what your moving expenses will be.

Please fill out this form and return it to the leasing office at least twenty (20) days prior to the end of the monthly rental period.

We hope you have been happy at 9200 Redmond Place and we are sorry to see you go. Click on the link for a move-out checklist that will help to maximize the return of your security deposit.

Please help provide us with invaluable information to improve 9200 Redmond Place

Move Out Questionaire
We're sorry to see you go, tell us how we can improve for future residents.